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I am working as a Software Developer at Micro Focus (former Borland) in Linz, Austria, and have more than 11 years experience in the IT industry.

I've started as an IT technician intern in 2007. In 2008 I started my full-time career, working my way up to my current position as a Software Developer.

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Since 20 years I am a Voluntary Firefighter at my hometown's fire department in Kematen an der Krems.

During my compulsory military service in 2008/2009, I have been deployed as an active duty firefighter at Air Force Base Hörsching, Austria.

Even though our fire department is rather small, training and education always played an important role. In 2012 I shifted my efforts to trainings and drills, with an emphasis on interior firefighting tactics and technical rescue.

My personal goal is to introduce up-to-date knowledge and tactics from around the world into our training – so everyone is able to work safely and efficiently at the incident scene.

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Der Citoyen ist ein höchst politisches Wesen, das nicht sein individuelles Interesse, sondern das gemeinsame Interesse ausdrückt.

My interest in Politics was born during my childhood, when watching Austria's famous "Zeit im Bild" was a daily ritual in our family. Around 2005 during political education class my interest got a big boost, and in 2014 I finally had to admit that it has turned into a passion of mine.

The complexity of political, social, economic and environmental issues, crises and wars seems to be overwhelming. Finding the right answers to future developments we will face is a huge challenge, requiring everyone to stay open-minded and questioning our own opinions at all time.

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